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About Us

CBD831, Compassionate Bay Delivery, has been providing a safe and reliable way for medical marijuana patients to procure their medicine in the greater Central Coast area since 2014. Our team is made up of a passionate and community-focused group of people. We believe in creating a positive and supportive environment for patients, by providing knowledgeable staff and excellent delivery service.

Safety & Reliability: We created Compassionate Bay Delivery (CBD831) for medical marijuana patients. The medical industry has been slow in catching onto the healing properties of medical marijuana (MMJ), and we saw a need for MMJ patients to have a safe and reliable way to get their medicine. We have been endorsed by the California Secretary of State as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, and we operate in full compliance with Prop. 215, S.B. 420 and CA. A.G. Guidelines.

Empowerment Through Education: At CBD831 we believe in the power of education. You are our patient, and to that end, we believe in empowering you with the knowledge to choose the medicine that best fits your needs, regardless of where you choose to fill your prescription. At CBD831, you come first. We train all of our staff members to educate you on how MMJ works, and what strains are best for pain and other ailments.

Community-Based: We believe being a part of our community. The founders of CBD831 are all residents of the Monterey Bay area and Central Coast, and we like getting to know our neighbors. We have created a positive and supportive environment for our staff and our community within CBD831, with the goal of ensuring that our patients will always feel comfortable ordering from CBD831.

Local & Organic: Marijuana is a medicine. Pesticides? Not so much. MMJ patients deserve organic, locally-grown medicine that is pure and fresh. CBD831 has local farms where we cultivate some of our own product. Local organic CBD831 products are labeled on our website as 831Farmed. All 831Farmed products are grown organically and with no pesticides. When you choose 831Farmed, you can feel comfortable knowing you are getting pure medicine, with no additives or unhealthy pesticides. By growing locally, we can also hire locally, which is another way that CBD831 gives back to our community.

Why Do We Deliver?

We realize that not all patients can visit a brick and mortar store, which is why we developed our tailored delivery service. We bring the store to you; couriers arrive with a sampling of products so that you can enjoy the luxury of browsing the shelves from the comfort of your home.

CBD831 is the best option for your medical marijuana delivery.

We provide:
– Tailored delivery service
– Knowledgeable & supportive staff
– Quality products & superior presentation
– Commitment to customer education and empowerment
– Locally-grown, organic MMJ products



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